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San Diego Tweed Ride

The web site is in the process of being reformatted and hosted on a different service. There had been some security issues with the old hosting company that redirected the web site to a handbag merchant.

Our intent was to more fully represent the many years of the San Diego Tweed Ride with a more detailed history and fun pages to other, similar Tweed events. We thought we could do it quietly while people's attention were on other matters.

It's unfortunate that the site is unavailable for those who might want to reminisce and share stories of Hans. We are saddened with his sudden, unexpected passing. Our heartfelt wishes of sympathy go out to his family, friends and the whole bicycling community.

The future of the Tweed Ride has yet to be determined. We will continue to work on the new web site and perhaps develop a team to organize the ride in the future. Hans always wanted the ride to be a celebration of the joys of bicycling. The joy and fun that Hans brought to the community should be reason to continue the tradition and to celebrate a great friend.

Best wishes to all the cyclists and friends of our very good friend, Hans.

Kelly C. (OKB)